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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Ok kali ni aku kogsi satu lagi Projek Tahun Akhir iaitu sistem online punya..sekarang ni memang ramai yg nak sistem pakai online ni. terima kasih kepada Mohd Helmi (kwn aku ni..dia bjaya dah pn wat sistem ni..banggo ah setaro ni gak) kerana sudi ber kongsi idea Projek Tahun Akhir ni. kepada yg dok cari2 idea tu..selamat mencuba, renung-renungkan..dan selamat beramal..:)



Online payment system allows you to make payment anytime all from your computer or mobile devices. You can schedule bill payments, review bill payments made and automate the payment of recurring bills. Nowadays, many companies in Malaysia use this method for user to pay their services easier. Examples of companies which provide this online payment system are AirAsia, Maybank and Telekom Malaysia.

Online mobile application is a program that a mobile device can access. Few years back, mobile applications become very popular since the usage of mobile devices grew wider in the world. There are existing applications that can be used in daily life such as Parking Guidance Systems, Yahoo Driving Direction and Google Short Message Service (SMS) which has been implemented in United Stated. In addition, drivers able to pay for their parking tickets by just use mobile phones. By using their mobile phones, the driver sends a Short Message Service (SMS) to a number provided by the car park authorities and credit will be deducted of the phone account.

Malaysian Expressway network can be considered the best expressway network in Southeast Asia and third in Asia after Japan and China. Malaysian expressways are found at all major cities and conurbations such as Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang. Online Toll Payment System (OTOPS) is about developing a mobile web application for the Malaysian Expressway that will enable the regular users to make payment before they use that expressway. It can be described as the future technologies for Electronic Toll Collection System (ETC) instead of Touch n Go and SmartTag in Malaysia.

With this system, they can make toll payment using internet banking and credit card through web application or also can access using the mobile devices such personal data assistant (PDA’s). The users also need to buy a credit using web application which required them to type their method of payment and vehicles plate number for the recognition purposes. For the users that using mobile devices, they also required to type the SMS includes their method of payment and the vehicle plate number and send to this system. Then this system will deduct an amount charged by the toll from the credit with condition the credit enough. The OTOPS users will drive at the specific lane which is provided only for the users that use this system by recognizing the vehicles plate number. The users also can check their credit balance using both web application and mobile devices.


Malaysian Expressway nowadays becomes one of the busiest expressways in Asia. The major factors includes the increasing number of vehicles along federal routes, opening of major ports and airports in Malaysia and the increasing population in major cities and towns of Malaysia. This is the reason why it always jammed and congested when the user want to make payment at toll point especially during peak time and peak season such as Hari Raya Holiday. Currently, the Electronic Toll Collection System (ETC) that used today using cash, touch n go and smart tag.

Normally, most of the users using cash payment but the transaction will take longer time. For touch n go, it is more convenient than cash because user no longer need to prepare for small change or wait in queue at the cash lane to complete the transaction. But this method also needs a process to touch the screen and consume time as well, but it takes less time compared to cash payment. Smart Tag can be described as the fastest way to make payment which allow user to pay toll with drive-through convenience but the device for this method is expensive. Both Touch n Go and SmartTag maybe have possibility in security problem. For example, if the card had scratched or lost, maybe the user can’t use that application and need to report for the replacement.

Online Toll Payment System (OTOPS) added better alternative to solve this entire problem because it is only uses the device which the users already have such as internet and mobile phones and payment can be made even before they drive. Furthermore, using plate number as recognition considered as are non-repudiation method to recognize the vehicles.


The goal of this Online Toll Payment System (OTOPS) is to fulfill the needs of users especially the regular toll users. Therefore, below are the following objectives for this Online Toll Payment System (OTOPS).

1.Able to avoid the congestion at the toll point especially during peak time and season when the users go and back from works.
2.To create better alternatives way of the payment for the toll users
3.To reduce waiting time for user to make payment
4.Provide the user a new convenient and less hassle way using this online toll payment system with mobile application.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Smart Mobile Hostel Reservation

kali nie aku nk kongsikan satu lagi contoh proposal Projek Tahun Akhir untuk rujukan, kali nie pasal sistem "Smart Mobile Hostel Reservation". sistem nie pasal camner kita nak buat penempahan atau pun buat permohonan asrama menggunakan mobile je. Blh gak la kalu nk wat untuk bilik sewa ke..pandai-pandai la korang pk nt ek..nanti korang pasti dapat pk idea yang lebih baik nanti tu..nie cume utuk rujukan korang je. owyaa...sistem nie dibuat oleh senior aku, nama dia Mior Mohd Hafiz Bin Yob. terima kasih la untuk beliau...ape pn, selamat mencuba ya.

Title:“Smart Mobile Hostel Reservation”(SMHR)

Smart mobile is very popular among Malaysia citizen. Through mobile, people can get or give the information faster with less hassle. As vision 2020 which claims to make transform Malaysia to become high technology country. With a mobile user can serve through internet application. These activities provide reliability, flexibility and saved time.
Towards the development of information technology, Smart Mobile Hostel Reservation (SMHR) also acts as the same way. SMHR is a new application that allows UNIMAS student that want to reserved their hostel via Short Messaging Service (SMS), meanwhile students can apply for hostel through SMS. It will provide students with an easier way to submit their application.

Previously, UNIMAS students are still doing their hostel reservation manually. The problem arise by using a manually which a students must come early to fill the hostel reservation form and must waited a few day to confirm which room is empty or student must fill the form before end of the last semester. These scenarios are uncomfortable mostly for students who were come from peninsular Malaysia or Sabah.
After students filled the application form, the hostel administrative staff was filtering that application form before a head of college will accepted. Once the application will accept, the hostel administrative staff must fill-in that forms information into the hostel database. The application status will appear at hostel web pages and hostel notice board. Students can check their status at there.
Therefore, this application will try to solve these problems as possible as it can. It will let the student to apply through their mobile. The system also will keep the information from the mobile and passing through to the hostel server. The head of college or administrator can give the acknowledgement to student such as approval of the result. Students also can check their reservation status through their mobile. There also have rules that student must followed before applied their hostel. From this mobile application, it can give more easily to students and hostel administrative staff.

The main objective of the Smart Mobile Hostel Reservation for all college in UNIMAS is to give the student more easier way to submit their application.
The primary objectives to develop this project are:-
1.Students be able to apply hostel via SMS where they can be apply from any place as long they are connected with GSM network.
2.To provide ease of use and flexibility to the student through smart mobile application.
3.To facilitate students who want to check their application status.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008



Setiap jabatan atau syarikat mesti akan ada menghantar ataupun akan mererima surat, jadi setiap maklumat penerimaan dan penghantaran surat ini adalah lebih baik jika direkod. Rekod surat menyurat adalah penting kerana dengan adanya rekod ini, semua maklumat tentang surat yang dihantar dan diterima dapat disimpan untuk rujukan jika terdapat masalah pada kemudian hari nanti. Dengan adanya rekod ini, ia dapat masalah dikemudian hari nanti, ia dapat membuktikan samaada surat tersebut telah dihantar atau telah pun diterima. Setiap maklumat surat yang diterima dan dihantar direkod dengan menyimpan tarikh surat tersebut, perkara atau tajuk surat tersebut dan daripada siapa ataupun kepada siapa surat itu diterima ataupun dihantar.
Sistem Surat Menyurat adalah satu sistem di atas talian (WebBase System), ia boleh digunakan oleh pengguna biasa dan juga pentadbir. Pengguna sistem ini dapat merekod semua maklumat surat keluar dan juga surat masuk ke dalam satu pengkalan data. Setiap data dapat dicari, ditambah, dikemaskini dan juga dihapuskan. Saya membangunkan sistem ini mengguna Visual Web Development 2005. Untuk pengguna biasa, mereka hanya dapat melihat rekod tanpa dapat mengubah data di dalam rekod. Selain itu, mereka juga dapat membuat carian untuk melihat rekod di dalam pengkalan data. Manakala untuk pengguna pentadbir, mereka bukan hanya dapat melihat dan membuat carian, malah mereka dapat menggunakan istem ini sepenuhnya. Untuk langkah-langkah keselamatan, untuk pengguna pentadbir mereka perlu memasukkan nama dan juga katalaluan sebelum dapat menggunakan sistem ini sepenuhnya.

Keterangan Masalah

Sebelum ini, rekod surat menyurat hanya direkod menggunakan pen ke dalam buku rekod surat keluar masuk. Terdapat banyak masalah dan kesilapan yang timbul dengan menggunakan kaedah ini antaranya ialah sukar mencari rekod yang terdahulu, dan sukar untuk memahami tulisan tangan. Biasanya pasti terdapat masalah seperti surat tidak diterima oleh penerima sedangkan surat sudah pun dihantar, jadi dengan adanya sistem ia dapat memudahkan pengguna untuk mencari maklumat tentang surat tersebut seperti bila tarikh surat tersebut, siapa penerima, dan adakah surat tersebut sudah pun diterima ataupun sebaliknya.

Sudah semestinya setiap orang mempunyai gaya tulisan tangan yang tersendiri, dan ada juga antara gaya tulisan tangan tersebut sukar untuk dibaca oleh orang lain. Dengan menggunakan sistem ini, rekod adalah lebih sistematik dan masalah kesukaran membaca tulisan tangan dapat diatasi.


Berikut adalah antara objektif pembangunan sistem ini adalah:
•Untuk merekod surat keluar masuk dengan lebih sistematik
•Untuk mengelakkan kesilapan biasa seperti kesukaran memahami tulisan tangan, kehilangan rekod, dan kesukaran mencari rekod yang terdahulu.
•Untuk merekod maklumat surat keluar masuk kedalam satu pangkalan data.

Skop Projek

Untuk sisitem ini, ia dibangunkan untuk diguna pakai di satu pejabat sahaja. Pengguna sistem ini boleh dibahagikan kepada dua pengguna iaitu pengguna biasa dan yang kedua ialah pengguna tadbir. Untuk pengguna biasa, mereka hanya dapat melihat dan membuat carian untuk melihat data sahaja, manakala untuk pengguna tadbir, mereka bukan sahaja dapat membuat carian dan melihat data malah mereka juga boleh menambah data, mengemaskini data, dan menghapuskan data.

Untuk keselamatan, pengguna tadbir perlu mendaftarkan akaun meraka dan untuk menggunakan sistem ini mereka perlu memasukkan nama dan kata laluan mereka terlebih dahulu sebelum dapat menggunakan sistem rekod surat menyurat ini. Sistem surat menyurat ini hanya merekod dua jenis surat sahaja iaitu merekod surat yang keluar dari PPSK dan juga merekod surat yang masuk ke PPSK ataupun surat yang diterima.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Idea untuk projek tahun akhir

ok, aku ada idea untuk projek tahun akhir, kalau kita lihat, ramai pensyarah susah nak cari pelajar mereka yang ponteng kelas. ape kata untuk projek tahun akhir kita buat satu sistem yang dapat tolong lecture kita tu untuk memudahkan mereka mencari, dan mengira peratus kehadiran pelajar mereka.

kalau boleh, lecture hanya perlu memasukkan no matrik pelajar dan nanti sistem tu yang akan untuk mencari kedatangan pelajar dan mengira peratus kehadiran mereka. aku rasa ok gak sistem nie, kalau aku nak tukar tajuk ok gak nie huhuu..cam susah je projek tahun akhir yang aku nak buat tu (Restaurent Service sistem Using PDA)..=P

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tajuk Projek Tahun Akhir update 15/09/2008

Kepada sesiapa yang masih belum ada idea untuk projek tahun akhir tu, aku ada contoh tajuk untuk rujukan korang. tajuk-tajuk ni aku rujuk dari blog zainudin. Harap dapatlah membantu korang nanti, selamat membuat projek tahun akhir untuk semua...

1 Air Asia E-Commerce Ticketing Sytems //boleh gak buat untuk tiket bas
2 Tesco Online Shopping Cart Systems
3 Student Bluetooth Mobile Chatting Systems
4 NTV7 Multimedia On Demand Information Systems
5 Wireless Internet PosLaju Tracking Packaging Systems
6 Hotel Seri Malaysia Resort Reservation Systems
7 Mobile Application for LRT/Comuter Purchasing Tickets
8 Smart Clinic Systems
9 Photo Album Management Systems
10 Pet Registration & Visitation Systems
11 Hotel Booking Systems
12 Insurance Management Systems
13 Library Tracking Book Information Systems

Nanti aku akan postkan lagi contoh-contoh tajuk projek tahun akhir untuk rujukan semua..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

MPP Election System (MPPes)

Untuk contoh proposal projek tahun akhir kali ini, aku kongsikan satu lagi proposal kawan aku, nama dia Mat Lan (tere dia nie). dia buat sistem untuk mengundi dalam talian. Terima kasih kepada Mat Lan, kepada sesiapa yang berminat dangan contoh proposal ni, boleh la wat rujukan ye..

1. Project title
MPP Election System (MPPes)

2. Introduction
MPP Election System (MPPes) is a computerize system that applies to record the elects from electors. This system is to be used in Universities for their election day. Traditionally, electors need to register manually by their metric card by the officer that in charge. Then, electors get their election paper to choose their future leader. This system’s function is to replace the paper that being used to record their ballots. But, electors still need to register manually before they use the system for security and fair.
The system is available for user only on the election period. Electors can only elect only once. After an elector finish fill up their election form, the system will automatically reject the elector’s second attempt. This will reduce the unaccepted ballots from user. So the election process becomes smoother.
Lastly, when the election period ends, the system will automatically count the elects for each candidate when authorized person click a button to show the result. The ballots from user are saved in database. If there any objection, the authorized person can refer to the elector’s form directly. Then they make a decision base on that data. This system makes the objections from supporters more convenience to solve.

3. Problem statements
Election is very important where every period of our life, election will take part.
Starting with University’s life, student being expose to election. They must choose their leader. Then continue with the real life where they must choose the government. Election is run traditionally. Electors must thick their chosen leader at the paper that been given to them. Using paper may not be practical nowadays. It is not efficient. The papers are also included in cost of an election. It is also not contributing in the effort to reduce effects of ‘green house’. It is also hard to count the papers. An elect made by electors using pencil and papers also contribute in unaccepted ballots. This will affect the actual result that supposed been achieved. The statistical count will not give the true result. This is a waste because we will have a leaders that not practical on doing their jobs. To choose a best leader is very important because they represent the student and fight for they right. This system will overcome the problem of the traditional method.
By using the system, the election process will become smoother. It will give more convenience for electors and officers that in charge. The result of the election will be released faster then using traditional method. Using this system also can attract more electors to elect.

4. Objectives of the project
The objectives of the project are listed below:
I. Todevelop user-friendly GUI that can avoid ‘unaccepted ballots’ problem
II. Make the recording more efficiency where ballots easy to be store and retrieve from the database.
III. Saving time to count the ballots rather using papers.
IV. Reduce cost of the election process where papers are not being used.
V. Give the statistical view of the final result with graph.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Restaurant Service System Using PDA (RestUP)

ini adalah contoh proposal projek tahun akhir aku, aku sedang dok wat projek tahun akhir gak nie. kepada sesiapa yang berminat, boleh la wat rujukan contoh proposal nie..nanti aku cuba postkan lebih banyak lagi contoh-contoh tajuk dan juga proposal untuk rujukan semua.

Final Year Project Proposal

1. Project title
Restaurant Service System Using PDA (RestUP)

2. Introduction
Restaurant Service System Using PDA (RestUP) is a computerize system that applies in a restaurant service. In this system, the restaurant will divide into four sections. First is the waiter (PDA), second is the food section, third section is the water section and last is cashier section.
Using PDA, the staff will take an order from customer and the order will be send to the server. In the meantime, food section and the water section kitchen will get the order information form server simultaneously, when the food and the drink order is finished, it will send the data back to the server and inform the PDA to deliver the food to customers. The system will save the order that have been made into the database in the server, so that cashier can check up and calculate the bill. With this database, the manager can know that the transaction and the manager also can monitor and control the operation and performance of the restaurant.

3. Problem statements
Today, many restaurants still using the traditional way of service, as we can see that in the traditional service that restaurant use today is that, the waiter takes the customers order by pen and paper. This is a low efficiency method, inconvenient and may contain mistakes. For example, if the waiter lost his order paper in the hustle or the waiters writing is hard to understand, that may cause the kitchen and cashier mess up the orders also may cause calculation errors.
By using Restaurant Service System Using PDA (RestUP), it makes the service more efficiency and can help the manager to avoid human error and enhance the business development. In this system, the ordering transaction is a step by step model to make the transaction more systematic and the system can guide the staff to avoid errors. Beside the efficiency service, by using this system it can gave a better quality service to customer and it will attract more customers to the restaurant to get this quality of service.

4. Objectives of the project
The objectives of the project are listed below:
I. To computerize the ordering system so that it can make the transaction more systematic.
II. To avoid command errors such as waiter lost his order paper or the waiters handwriting is hard to understand.
III. To save all the transactions into the database and using that database, the manager can know the transaction that has been made.

5. Scope of the project
The scope of this system is only for the one restaurant to use it and when the blackout is occurring hence it is out the scope. This system will be use for the end user such as manager, staff and administration as well. For the manager it can monitor the operation and performances of the restaurant and for the staff it can help makes the service more efficiency and avoid human error. For the administration, it can help the admin to calculate the profit from the database.